Powerwave Technologies’ LTE Picocell Wins Best of 4G Awards for Best New Network Infrastructure Solution

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

SANTA ANA, Calif – Powerwave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:PWAV), a global supplier of advanced solutions for wireless communications networks, announced today its LTE Picocell was awarded the Best of 4G Awards for the new network infrastructure solution category. Presented at 4G World 2011 Conference and Expo, the Best of 4G Awards recognizes leaders in the development and deployment of 4G technologies.

A key component of Powerwave’s Inside Out Solutions™ methodology, the LTE Picocell injects mobile broadband coverage and capacity, both indoors and outdoors, via its integrated LTE and WiFi router with MIMO antennas. The compact base station supports all 4G-frequency bands and helps carriers build more flexible networks, extending coverage and capacity into densely populated areas with high data usage or remote areas with weak signals. It empowers operators to quickly and cost-effectively roll out new LTE wireless networks, while leveraging their existing wireless network infrastructure to yield higher modulation, faster user speeds and greater overall network capacity. Powerwave’s powerful, all-in-one LTE Picocell delivers up to 15 times greater overall system capacity to provide ubiquitous coverage and a multi-megabyte user experience, without the cost and complexity of adding standard macro cells. Key differentiating features include:

  • Support for up to 1,000 registered users, with up to 100 simultaneous users in active data transfer mode
  • Increased aggregate data throughput of 100+ Mbps and user-plane latency of less than five milliseconds
  • Automated, Self Optimized Network (SON)-based provisioning
  • Highly optimized, integrated RF, filters and antennas
  • Five times less UL transmit power for connected devices, which extends battery life and reduces cost for both wireless operators and end users

Powerwave’s LTE Picocell is currently in beta trials with numerous carriers. It was also recently named a finalist in the LTE North America Awards’ ‘Best Enabling Technology for LTE.’